A Message From The Founder

Climate change isn’t a topic we like to think about.

For me it seems like a problem that isn’t really affecting my day to day. My brain gets to “what can I do?” and then I generally move on to something that seems more pressing.

Making a lifestyle change can be difficult. I’m not ready to become a vegetarian, and as I type this I am sitting in the back of a carbon emitting vehicle heading to play another concert. I recognize there are changes I’d like to make – and will with time.

We’re not saying that planting trees will solve the problem. All we are saying is that by doing so we can start to make a difference. For the price of a drop-in workout, or a few

good coffees individuals can start to make a measurable impact. One tree does an incredible amount of good.

What I like about this concept is that my subscription takes me off the sidelines. Yes, climate change is real, and a solution will take decades to arrive at but in the mean time I am starting to do my part. The subscription feels good – I am finally contributing to a topic that has been bothering me for quite some time.

Through TreeEra my hope is that we can build a community of people that want to make a difference. Each person in our community does their part by making an affordable monthly investment towards helping offset their carbon footprint.

Together we can make a huge and incredible impact.

– Michael Fitzgerald

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