This holiday season, we’re taking the opportunity to give back to our other Mother — Mother Nature!

She does a lot for us 365 days a year, so why not give her a gift this season? We’ve partnered with three local companies to give you eco-conscious gift options for your loved ones. For every gift purchased, you’ll be planting 25 trees to help with the fight against climate change. Now that’s a breath of fresh air!

Sock Co.

Plant 25 trees and keep your toes warm with the perfect pair of socks by the fire this holiday season!

$35 – Buy Now

Rosso Coffee

Plant 25 trees and enjoy coffee that will make the early holiday morning wake up call easier!

$35 – Buy Now

Natura Soy

Plant 25 trees and bring the smell of the forest inside with this beautiful candle!

$35 – Buy Now


Give a gift rooted in the future
and plant 25 trees this season!

$30 - Buy Now