ONE package. one tree.

How much of a difference can one tree really make?

One tree has the ability to sequester 185lbs of CO2 per year, per tree. 

With eCommerce continually on the rise, the unseen cost of convenience is an increase in carbon in our atmosphere. The reality is that packaging, shipping and transport all have an impact on our planet. According to Fast Company, 165 billion packages are shipped in the US alone each year, with the cardboard used roughly equating to more than 1 billion trees.

“In markets where the broader sustainability claims are now ubiquitous, consumers want companies to get more specific.”


You’ve put time, money, care and a lot of work into the product that’s inside the box, but what about the box itself?

That’s where we come in.

Our 1:Tree Program program lets you plant a tree for every product you ship. With our logo proudly printed onto your packaging, your customer knows you’ve put just as much thought into how their items get to them as the products themselves.


Say hello.

Zoom. Skype. Google Meet Up or just a good, old, regular phone call!

We’ll discuss how 1:tree can help you achieve your sustainability goals or act as a great compliment to the sustainability work you’re already doing.

Do some math.

We’ll provide you a quote based on your current shipping totals as well as an estimate of the total CO2 offset expected by becoming a 1:Tree member.

Proudly tell your customers.

Once we’ve dotted i’s and crossed t’s, we’ll provide you with digital files of our logo to include on your packaging, invoices, or wherever you’d like to display it!

Then, the next package your customer orders from you, they’ll be left with the warm feeling that comes with supporting the fight against climate change!

Report Monthly

Use our online portal to report your total number of packages each month, then receive an invoice for your trees.
Simple as breathing fresh air!
Let’s Plant Trees