Today is World Environment Day and this year’s theme is to #BeatPlasticPollution.

With all of the environmental movements happening today, reducing plastic waste not only seems to be one of the biggest out there, but also one of the easiest to take part in.

We all know that plastic poses a serious and unfortunate threat on the health of the environment – it has become such an innate part of our lives in so many ways, and when we throw it out, it doesn’t really ‘go anywhere’.

It might seem daunting, but there are so many ways in which we can all take really approachable steps to reduce our plastic use. For example, investing in a solid set of reusable items (bags, mugs, water bottles, straws – a list of great brands for all of these items below!) can reduce some of the most common sources of plastic that appear in our day-to-day.

While we’re on the topic, there’s something else that is worth being said: We can’t avoid taking action for fear of not taking perfect action. Just because we might not be able to cut out every source of plastic in our lives, it certainly doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to do our part. Sometimes it will be our fault – we forgot to bring our mug to the coffee shop that morning. Sometimes it will be someone else’s fault – they put a straw in your drink even though you asked otherwise. We’re all human. It’s less about eliminating every piece of plastic from the entirety of our life, and more about making the effort to live with less plastic when we remember and when the opportunity allows.

We can’t avoid taking action for fear of not taking perfect action.


This notion was put so perfectly in an interview we had with @golitterless – a blogger who embodies the ‘simple and imperfect zero-waste life’ in such a great way. When asked what the hardest part about the zero waste journey was, she said, “Learning to let myself off the hook sometimes and knowing that “zero” isn’t always possible to attain. I struggle with feeling guilty when I can’t be zero waste — like, I love soba noodles, but I can’t find them package-free near me. For a long time, I just went without them, but I realized I’m much happier when they’re an option in my kitchen. Getting to the point where I accept that without feeling bad about it has taken a long time.”

Photo: @golitterless – some of her favourite zero-waste items.

Personally, I have arrived at an environmental event in my carbon-emitting vehicle, and have forgotten my reusable bags on my biggest grocery haul of the week. We can still care about the environment even though we might not yet drive a hybrid or power our homes through renewable energy.

It’s when we take these small everyday actions as a community that we can empower one another to keep doing their part.

Just start somewhere simple. Sooner or later, asking for no straw or bringing your stainless steel mug everywhere will become a habit.

Let’s take an ‘approachable approach’ to reducing the existence of plastic in our day-to-day. The bigger our community, the bigger our impact. Tell us, what is your go-to way of reducing plastic in your daily life?

Happy World Environment Day from all of us at TreeEra. Let’s celebrate this beautiful planet we call home.

Here are a few great brands and places to find reusable items and inspiration:

Credo Bags

Keep Cup

Klean Kanteen

Green Steel

Go Litterless

Zero Waste Collective

Atlas & Ortus