TreeEra sprouted on the grounds between a belief in climate change and a lack of knowing how to help. While there are many ways to reduce our carbon footprint, we wanted to provide people with a convenient and simple way to contribute to a not-so-simple problem. Planting trees seemed like a perfect place to start.


Our Founder

Climate change isn’t a topic we like to think about.

For me it seems like a problem that isn’t really affecting my day to day. My brain gets to “what can I do?” and then I generally move on to something that seems more pressing.

Making a lifestyle change can be difficult. I’m not ready to become a vegetarian, and as I type this I am sitting in the back of a carbon emitting vehicle heading to play another concert. I recognize there are changes I’d like to make – and will with time.

We’re not saying that planting trees will solve the problem. All we are saying is that by doing so we can start to make a difference. For the price of a drop-in workout, or a few good coffees individuals can start to make a measurable impact. One tree does an incredible amount of good.

What I like about this concept is that my membership takes me off the sidelines. Yes, climate change is real, and a solution will take decades to arrive at but in the meantime I am starting to do my part. The membership feels good – I am finally contributing to a topic that has been bothering me for quite some time.

Through TreeEra my hope is that we can build a community of people that want to make a difference.

Each person in our community does their part by making an affordable monthly investment towards helping offset their carbon footprint.

Together we can make a huge and incredible impact.


Climate change is borderless; our customers come from all over the globe. The map below details the different locations of TreeEra community members.

A great opportunity to offset some of our carbon footprint as well as ensure that the generations to come will have the same great outdoors to explore and appreciate.
- Regan, Alberta
I am all about supporting local initiatives that better the world as a whole.
- Bronwyn, Alberta
Now more than ever we need to look to projects like TreeEra to give us hope! To give us solutions.
- Julie, British Columbia
Who wouldn’t want 25 trees for Xmas?
- Josh, Alberta
I think this is an amazing way to help this beautiful planet we live on. It is the very least we can do to help protect this beauty we call home.
- Jackie, Alberta
I love the idea that I can help offset my carbon footprint in such an easy way!
- Allison, Alberta
TreeEra is taking something so important, so simple but also so overlooked and making it easily accessible to the general public. Most people are aware of the growing concerns on global warming and the health of our planet but don't know how to help out. TreeEra is the answer that paves a direct and easy way for busy people who want to help make a difference.
- Ben, Alberta
A simple yet beautifully creative regenerative approach to mitigating human carbon footprint that is immediately accessible to all. Lovely.
- Mikey, Houston
This seemed like a perfect start.
- Jessica, California
I don't have much time to plant trees myself so I decided to encourage you guys and buy a pack for my sister, my brother in law, and myself.
- Audrey, Australia

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