Peregrine Supply Co.

Peregrine Supply Co. creates modern and functional men’s grooming products and all of their products are handmade out of Vancouver, BC. The brand has committed to planting 500 trees every year, so we got a chance to catch up with the team and learn a bit more about their initiative. If you have a friend with a beard, we recommend you check them out (Peregrine Supply Co., not your friend). 

What was your reason for signing up for a TreeEra membership? How do trees fit into Peregrine Supply Co.’s mission?

We want to do more than just sell products. A major reason we started Peregrine was so that we could change the way products were being marketed towards men, we weren’t a fan of the hyper masculine way things we being packaged and promoted. There’s no need to overcompensate because you take care of your beard… We’re incredible lucky to have grown up on the West Coast, where we are surrounded by dense forests and mountains, we wanted to give back to the place where we draw so much of our inspiration from. I think a big part of our reason for signing up with TreeEra was also the devastating fires last summer, so much was destroyed we felt we had to give back.


We wanted to give back to the place where we draw so much of our inspiration from.


Tell us a little bit about Peregrine Supply Co. and what you do.

We make modern, functional grooming products for men, and a few unisex things now as well! We started out back in 2015 as a bit of an experimental project, and we have grown hand over fist since then. Our products are available across Canada, and internationally as well.
One of the biggest things that we try to focus on with our products is ‘feature-packed simplicity’. We want our products to be dead-simple to use and enjoy, but still come with the utility that you would expect from a much more expensive product.



How does climate change matter in your day-to-day?

We work with natural ingredients, so climate change could greatly affect our abilities to access the resources we need. We try to be responsible by choosing natural ingredients that are harvested in sustainable ways and using eco-cert products whenever possible. That’s why you won’t find us using things like parabens or palm oil. On top of that all of our packaging is recycleable or reusable! We’ve formalized this commitment with aprogram that we call the Guardian Model, which informs the decisions that we make regarding ingredients and processes – the Guardian Model ensures that the people, animals and environment that produces our raw ingredients are respected and preserved. Their health and sustainability is very important to us.

What’s something about the Peregrine team that most people wouldn’t know?

Our team is only made up of two full-time people at the moment. That being said, we do owe a lot of our success to our friends, who always seem to be ready to help. On our packaging, we include the phrase “Made in small batches by friends” to reflect this!