We all know that recycling is a critical piece  in the fight against climate change and that it is an easy way to make a big difference in our own sustainability practices. We also all know that going to the depot can be time consuming, confusing, and inconvenient. SkipTheDepot took these issues and created an innovative solution by providing an easy and convenient way for Canadians to recycle their bottles, cans, old clothes, and electronics without leaving the comfort of the couch for free. If that wasn’t enough incentive you can also choose to receive your deposit back or donate it to charity. Sign us up.

How did you discover TreeEra? How do trees fit into SkipTheDepot’s mission?

We discovered TreeEra through word of mouth and through its involvement in a variety of events around the city, such as Ride The Roof. Being a small organization ourselves, we were excited about the prospect of working with them.

Tell us a little bit about SkipTheDepot and how it got started.

SkipTheDepot is the easiest way to recycle your bottles & cans, gently used clothing and electronics. We’re taking the dirty work and the hassle out of going to bottle depots and donation centers. Simply download the app, register and book your first pickup! You can keep the money for yourself or donate the refund to any of our 160+ donor organizations – some even issue a tax receipt!

SkipTheDepot was born out of a need to make recycling convenient for everyone; folks without transportation or accessibility, or those who are short on time.

While refundable recycling existed long before SkipTheDepot, we felt we could help streamline the process to make it easier and accessible to a wider audience and therefore increase the rate of effective recycling.


What does climate change mean to your business?

Climate change is something our business tries to have a small impact on. When bottles and cans are recycled properly, the level of waste decreases; items like glass bottles can be reused, eliminating the need to create something brand new. Beyond bottles, our business also recycles electronics and takes gently used clothing to donation centres and second-hand stores. This keeps harmful waste out of the landfill and assists businesses trying to close the loop on fast fashion. Keeping bottles, clothing and electronics out of the landfill has a small but positive impact on waste and climate change.

SkipTheDepot gets more cars off the road and makes it easy for each house to reduce its carbon footprint. Our AI optimizes routes for our pickups to further reduce the overall footprint of our system.

We believe in the mandate that small actions implemented by many will amount to a large impact. With enough people making small efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, such as recycling (or planting trees!), we believe big strides can be made.

What’s one thing that you wish more people knew about recycling?

Not all recycling is created equal! While you may think that putting your bottles in the blue bin is just as effective as bringing them to the bottle depot (or using SkipTheDepot) it’s actually highly ineffective. The city is required to sort and remove refundable recycling from blue bin waste, which takes time and money. The cherry on top is that you’re effectively paying the city to do it! Each bottle placed in the blue bin is worth money; why not recycle the proper way and get paid to do so (what could be better than getting paid to do your part for sustainability).

What are one or two other organizations, big or small, that inspire you in how they make the environment a priority?

An organization that inspires us with how they make the environment a priority is Made By Marcus ice cream in Alberta! We’re inspired by their efforts to reduce their waste, introduce sustainable and compostable materials and source local ingredients!