UPPERCASE is the perfect magazine for all things creative and curious and we are thrilled to have them as a part of the #Communitree. We were lucky enough to sit down with Janine (publisher, editor and designer) for tea to get to know her and chat about her creative publication. For every new subscriber to UPPERCASE, she plants a tree with TreeEra. 

What was your reason for working with TreeEra? How do trees fit into UPPERCASE’s mission?

As a graphic designer specializing in print, I’ve used a lot of trees! (Thank you, trees.) In the earlier days of my career when I worked for arts and culture clients, often I couldn’t spec recycled paper because it was more expensive than virgin fibre paper or paper with a lower recycled content. Now with UPPERCASE magazine, I can make decisions that go beyond just budgetary. It is important to me that the bulk of the paper consumed to make UPPERCASE is 100% post consumer recycled paper. Although it still is a more expensive choice, I’m happy to make it. The magazine’s interior pages and my recent books are printed with Rolland Enviro 100%. Not only has the smooth, uncoated paper become part of my company’s aesthetic, 100% recycled interior stock is part of its philosophy.

Despite the recycled choice, there is still a lot of waste and energy use in the production stream of publishing. In print production, we strive to use as much as the paper as possible (on the cover sheet, for example, we also print postcards and bookmarks in the margins). The trimmings of the press sheet are recycled, but that still takes up resources. There are also the considerable peripheral necessities of packaging and freight and postal services that have a significant carbon footprint.

UPPERCASE has always been and always be a magazine printed on paper. (I’ve no plans on offering digital editions unless it is of out-of-print issues.) The content itself celebrates more of the old-school way of making, the tactile, the handmade. Since I’m committed to using paper, I’ve also decided to commit to planting trees to offset some of my company’s consumption.


You can make a difference when your efforts are compounded with the efforts of others.


What are some other brands you think are doing well in the environmental space?

In issue 33, Glen interviewed Dave Hakkens about his open source project, Precious Plastic. Hakkens designs tools to help reclaim and recycle plastics and has built a worldwide community. He shares a lot of what he’s up to through very engaging and fun videos. I really admire his hands-on approach and am happy to be one of his supporters on Patreon. Check it out! https://preciousplastic.com/

What does climate change mean to you?

Everyone needs to do something. Start with observing your habits and consumption and make changes where you can. Think about where things come from and how they are made. A tree subscription with TreeEra is an excellent concept; you can make a difference when your efforts are compounded with the efforts of others.


Tell us a little bit about UPPERCASE.

UPPERCASE publishes books and magazines for the creative and curious: publications that spark the imagination and inspire creativity. Founded in 2009, the magazine is independent, ads free and supported by generous and talented readers from around the world. I’m the publisher, editor and designer and my husband Glen handles customer support. We have a roster of freelance contributors plus lots of reader participation.