Yama Nomad

Pat & Alex, the owners of Yama Nomad have had a connection to the outdoors as long as they can remember. So, they decided to build designer campervans that would make it easier for Canadians and people from all over to world to adventure in our incredible back yard.

What was your reason for signing up for a TreeEra membership? How do trees fit into Yama Nomad’s mission?

Our purpose is to help people connect with nature and stay immersed in their adventures for longer. We proudly invite guests from all over the world to come and explore our beautiful country. Our connection to the outdoors goes back as far as we can remember. Growing up, we both spent countless summer nights camping in the Canadian Rockies and our parents instilled in us the core values of respecting our environments and leaving behind no trace.

In launching this business, it was essential to us to follow sustainable business practices. We recognize that inherently our business model will contribute undesirable environmental impacts and for that reason we knew we had to offset our emissions. We are beginning by planting 1 tree for every 100 km traveled in our vans, but hope to increase the amount of trees planted in the near future. Partnering with TreeEra is our necessary first step in contributing to a world where business is the driver of social change.

Tell us a little bit about Yama Nomad and how you got started

We help people stay in the heart of the adventure by taking their home with them on the road. We want to challenge the way travel is done by ditching timelines and check-ins, and allowing people to explore further without compromising their comfort. Our campervans provide a cozy Airbnb-like experience while maintaining all the capability of an Off-Grid, 4X4 overlanding vehicle.

At Yama, we are drawn to a lifestyle designed for adventure and inspired by those who live outside the box. We exist to provide thoughtfully designed tools that will help people live more freely. We offer these unparalleled travel experiences through short-term rentals or by way of custom campervan conversions for the devoted nomads.

How does climate change impact your day-today?

We do our best to not take this planet for granted by doing our part on the day-to-day. We focus on all the small impacts that would amount to large ones if implemented by all people. This includes reducing our waste as much as possible, eating mostly plant based diets and purchasing from socially and environmentally responsible retailers whenever we can. In our business, we teach our guests how to respect the delicate environments in which they are staying. We outline the importance of “leaving behind no trace” and have a zero tolerance for irresponsible camping.

Do you have any other tips on how to incorporate sustainability into one’s everyday life?

A wise person once said, “every dollar you spend casts a vote for the type of world that you want to live in”. Lean into this ideology in your everyday spending. Consider everything from suppliers to packaging, and practice conscious consumerism with every purchase you make.