This month’s Community Feature highlights Goodsmith – an organization that hand-makes and hand-paints air plant holders our of reclaimed wood. Every year, Goodsmith plants 1000 trees with TreeEra.

What was your reasoning for signing up for a TreeEra subscription? How do trees fit into Goodsmith’s mission?

I signed up for TreeEra because I wanted to expand to other areas for tree planting. With my company, Goodsmith, I make plant holders out of reclaimed wood. The whole idea started when I was working in a wood mill and tried to find ways to use the offcuts and scraps that were being tossed. I didn’t want anything to be wasted. The idea grew and I was making hundreds of planters. By 2017, I was ready to take it one step further and contribute to planting new trees. I start donating part of my sales to tree planting organizations. I arranged it so that for every planter someone purchased, a tree was planted. The organizations I work with plant trees in Africa and Mexico, however I was looking for something a little closer to home. TreeEra plants trees in Canada and so I wanted to contribute to that cause along with the other tree planting organizations.


Tell us a little bit about Goodsmith. 

Goodsmith started as a hobby that flourished into a full-time business. I started making little air plant holders and magnets with scraps of wood I found at salvage yards and local woodworkers. The whole point is to make unique pieces with wood that has already been used or that is from leftovers, so that there is no waste. You would be surprised with how much wood is discarded when making new furniture, houses, decks, buildings, etc. This is way to make sure nothing is wasted. There is a lot of waste in our society and I think people need to start getting creative on how to cut down on that waste. Though my impact is small, I do hope it inspires others to do the same in other fields.


Though my impact is small, I do hope it inspires others to do the same in other fields.


What’s something about the Goodsmith team that most people wouldn’t know?

I paint everything by hand and I sand and cut everything myself. I have taught one other person how to create the shapes I create (for when I have a large order and need some help). But no matter what, every single piece passes through my hands before being delivered. It’s a lot of work, but my product is always the same, good quality because I am hands-on through the whole process.



You are based out of Lake Arrowhead, California. Where are your top three places to go for dinner?

1. Lou Eddies Pizza
2. Lakefront Taproom
3. Stone Creek Bistro