It’s exciting to come across likeminded individuals and organizations. To know that there are others in the world that are entirely on board with your mission or lifestyle is not only encouraging, but allows for meaningful opportunities to collaborate.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Passenger Clothing — an apparel and lifestyle brand in the UK based around all things adventure, escapism, and nature. Our shared values for exploring the outdoors and connecting people to nature created a collaboration that just made sense.

For every order, Passenger plants a tree with TreeEra. Even cooler? Use the code TREEERA15 to get 15% Passenger online.

Working with organizations like Passenger who are all the way across the pond reminds us that climate change doesn’t see borders — trees planted on one side of the globe can have a positive effect on the other.

We got to catch up with the socially conscious Passenger team — read below to hear about their definition of the simple life and why they chose to incorporate trees into their mission.

According to Passenger, what is it that defines ‘the simple life’?

It’s easy to get caught up with the noise and distractions around us sometimes. Before we know it our homes and minds are cluttered and escapism can feel out of reach. Our ethos, embrace the journey, reminds us to seek meaningful adventure in life and that it’s not all about the destination. For us, the simple life is being outdoors, around a campfire with new or old friends sharing stories and connecting with each other and our surroundings. No signal, no routines and If we can catch some swell along the way then that’s the icing on the cake!

Do you have any great stories about your experiences with ‘escapism’ and connection to people and nature?

We’ve been lucky to have had so many, but one escape that we often reflect on was wandering the Scottish Highlands a couple of years ago. It was one of those adventures that had it all, highs and lows, the kind of journey where meaningful, lasting friendships are forged. The highlands are one of those places that has all the weather in one day, and you never know what’s in store. Totally at the mercy of the elements, sometimes soaked, cold and humbled by relentless sleet, 2 hours later we’re suiting up, basking in low winter sun reflecting off clean swell at Bagpipes. Like Canada, the Scottish Highlands is a place we’ll always feel a connection to.


What do trees mean to Passenger?

It’s not always easy to describe the connection that many of us feel if we stop and listen when surrounded by trees. Everyone at Passenger has felt the lure of the forest which is the reason we all live where we do, we feel lucky to be surrounded by them but it’s not something we take for granted. By partnering with like-minded people and organisations we’re stronger than our individual parts and can make a difference by planting and protecting the trees on our doorstep and on each other


What has been one of Passenger’s (or Passenger’s team’s) greatest adventures?

We try to escape as a team as much as we can, even just catching some swell at lunchtime together or further afield. The connection you make with someone on the road, journeying is unlike any other, you really get to know a person when you’re pitching a tent in sub zero conditions with sideways rain! We all come out of it richer and with mutual respect for one another which is great when we’re back at the Passenger den. As for the greatest adventure? It’s so hard to pinpoint one in particular but Vancouver Island, the Carpathian Mountains and Scotland come to mind. We always try to journal our escapes, while we’re there or back at home and many of them are there to read on our website. This gives us a constant source of inspiration for our products, message and for adventures to come.

How does the issue of climate change fit into the mission of Passenger?

Passenger is all about escaping to the wilderness, wandering the outdoors and going off-grid for however long or short amount of time that may be. Like so many others we have a connection with nature that runs deep and we believe in protecting the places that we love. One of the charities we work with in the UK is the Plastic Project which is committed to reducing plastics and rubbish in our seas. We’ve got boardshorts made from 100% recycled bottles and our outbound packaging no longer contains any non recycled or recyclable materials. Working with TreeEra gives our community the option to make a real difference by planting a tree when choosing clothing and accessories for their journeys, and that makes good sense on every level.

Passenger is based in the UK… are you familiar with any parts of Canada? If so, where abouts?

Where we’re based in the New Forest we have some of the most beautiful forests in the UK and we’re right by the waves, it’s a really special place but Canada just takes it to a whole new level. Everyone in the team has a story about time exploring the wilds of Canada and it’s a place that has inspired much of the Passenger message. The wilderness and space you have is inspiring and humbling. Collectively we’ve been all over, but mostly the west coast and BC feels like a home from home — Mountains, forests, surf, what more could anyone ask for?

You believe that what you wear reflects who you are — tell us a little bit about this.

We believe that the things we vote for with our hard earned money and the brands we support reflects where we are and what we’re about as individuals and as a collective. There’s been a throwaway mentality, especially with clothing, that we seem to be wising up to. I think that more and more we find that people are resonating with authentic brands and movements which is a really positive thing.

What is some advice to have to give others who are feeling that sense of ‘escapism’ and yearning for that sense of adventure?

Escapism is a state of mind, adventure comes in all shapes and sizes and means different things to everyone. Sometimes all it takes is to seek somewhere new, near or far with open eyes and a sense of wonder. Watching the sunrise, a weekend road trip or simply tapping out for an afternoon, going off-grid and reconnecting. Adventure will sometimes find us, but for the most part you’ve got to get out there and seek it, however big or small.



“Escapism, a constant desire to get off grid, wander,

connect nature and forge lasting friendships with other

surfers, adventurers, travellers — our kind of people.”